A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix TM
Jimi Hendrix Live - Closing act for 99í Woodstock

Proposed but not implemented.

Jimi Hendrix impersonator, Grover Lipkins, with the band, The ReXperience and Jimi's actual band Billy Cox and Mitch Mitchell from the band of Gypsies are preparing a Tribute To Jimi Hendrix as a production of Eagle Entertainment.

Fender Guitar is in negotiations with Grover Lipkins do their print adds for the new Jimi Hendrix Guitar edition as well as a product placement in a film, Jimi Hendrix: The Experience a production of Eagle Entertainment.

Agreements are being prepared with Jimiís band, Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell as advisers to the film. We are also considering a new CDís to be recorded and released titled A tribute to Jimi Hendrix.

We are in communications with the Hendrix foundation for rights to the Film,  for the old Music and the un-recorded songs that Jimi wrote, but never recorded and to assist us with what is expected to be an hour of the most memorable Tribute to Jimi Hendrix ever.

Joining up with Eagle and the Jimi Hendrix projects is John Stevenson an African American film, TV and music producer to work with the film, promotions and a potential new CD and/or sets of CDíS from Grover Lipkins, Billy Cox, Mitch Mitchell, etc.

We are in communications with some of Jimiísí old associates to assure we do a correct job on the film and the Tribute to Jimi Hendrix the 99í Woodstock music festival.

For information and in keeping true to life, the screenplay ends with Jimi and the Gypsies closing  woodstock, although Jimi lived another year and a half , the script immortalize Jimi in the foundations of Woodstocks historical marker.

In one of Woodstocks 99í print adds, is a picture of Jimi Hendrix in the background.  Jimi Hendrix was the last act in the original Woodstock and to have the Jimi Hendrix Impersonator, Grover Lipkins and Jimiís band the Gypsies perform at the 99í Woodstock is an incredible Tribute to Jimi and his family.

With over 19,000 separate Jimi Hendrix world wide web sites listed on the Yahoo web search system alone, it is safe to estimate that most of those sites would be a part of the Jimi Hendrix TributeTM at the 99í Woodstock event.

What you can share in is the following:
1. a. Share use of add space (banners, adds, radio, TV and web)  that would be allocated
to the Last ACT(S) leading up to, during and after the event.
2. a. Share in add space (banners, adds, radio, TV and web) with music events leading up
to the event.

An event leading up to, during and after The Last Act at Woodstock with Jimi Hendrix live, could help any company acquire spotlight notoriety, becoming a part of something that will see mass media coverage, lasting web exposure and a footnote in History at the 99í Woodstock event.

We hope you find this event possibility a tremendous addition to productivity and profits for your company.

Feel free to E mail the address below:


Fred M Davis
Eagle Entertainment Group
PO BOX 448
St. Pete. FL 33731
E mail Eaglegp@aol.com    

*ACT(S)/ the closing act to Woodstock would last about one hour long, itís design along
with events leading to the event are proprietary and can be obtained with a signed NDA
with Eagle Entertainment Group.

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